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A truly insane moment involves just the right amount of ridiculous elements to yield bizarre and often hilarious results. Now, if you go and throw random nudity into the mix… well then you enter into a whole new, pube-filled world of insanity. What follows are five examples of crazy moments which feature so much nakedness our intern nearly went cross-eyed blurring out the shame. Our first story from Exeter, in Devon, England, features a 22 year old shoplifter named Rebecca Tucker, who dropped her pants despite not wearing undies in a weird attempt to escape from Somerfield store employees.

Apparently the young woman attempted to steal three legs of lamb and figured the sudden sight of her vagina would blind everyone long enough for her to get away. In a somewhat feeble last ditch effort she dashed out of the store and tried to sprint over a fence.

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Bonnie Strange is a German television presenter, singer, model, designer. Even when she just became a mother. Well, for the first time, she was known as the girlfriend of Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht. With the actor, she was dating from to and hung around with him on various red carpets. However, she is usually less in the headlines than with her private life.

Then, for example, when she got married in Las Vegas in and divorced a little later. Or in May , when she gave birth to her first child.

strange nude pics strange nude pics strange nude pics

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We just think that each of them should have an in-depth description, explaining what is going on in these photos. Scroll down to see this weird collection of stock photos yourself! Image source: mrbenmarko. Image source: SiomarTehBeefalo. Image source: HugeHam. Image source: kiwidesign. Image source: neuroticneutral. Image source: BunnyAdorbs. Image source: dhrxv. Image source: TeoTheBeast. Image source: ShutterCount.

Image source: shutterstock. Image source: SaraBellum Image source: sweatytumorz.

strange nude pics strange nude pics strange nude pics

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