Morning Rituals Which Will Boost Your Productivity – Atul Prajapati

Morning Rituals Which Will Boost Your Productivity – Atul Prajapati

Productive morning rituals, Well if you are a freelancer then you are a little bit of familiarity with some of these ideas but if you are working in an agency and this day’s during COVID 19 (coronavirus) I can guarantee that your agency has given you home works(work from home) job or some of you are permanently sifted to the remote job. In this case, your entire day is totally messed up because you don’t have a habit of WFH(work from home) that’s why I (Atul Prajapati) have decided to share my trick and tips of productive morning rituals in some simple points.

1) Proper Morning RitualπŸ›Œ

Morning rituals
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It’s going to help you to start your day with an understanding of what to do today. It will help you to avoid procrastination.

“Make a plan for the next day before going to sleep. You will get up much easier when you exactly know what you will do today.”

2) Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day ⏰

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The first and most important step is to set your sleeping schedule. you will feel much better.

Try to wake up before 6:00 am. It could raise your efficiency a lot. But waking up too early isn’t for everyone but you can do it by little day to day practice. Avoid using digital screens while you are going to sleep 😴.

3) Drink water like thirsty 🍢

Working desk

The next step is to drink a glass of fresh water. It will help your body to start all processes and awake faster.

“Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. At the start, It’s could be hard to drink a lot. But it’s like a habit. You will feel better in 2-4 days.”

Don’t count tea, coffee, beer, juice, and other beverages. Count only water glasses. πŸ‘†

Advice: Put a water bottle on your work desk it will encourage you to drink more water.

4) Simple morning work-out πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈβ›ΉοΈβ€β™‚οΈ

Home work out

Another step to awake faster is work-out. You can do simple morning exercises, go running, or do yoga.

“15 minutes will be enough to make you feel the energy.”

Sometimes it doesn’t help for the first 2-4 days. But continue doing it and you will see the result soon. you must have to try, it will increase your thinking power 🧠

5) 10 minutes silence πŸ™‰

10 minute silence

Before you going to start your day sit in silence zone and think about your day. How it should pass. What should happen and how it should happen.

“When you think about it your brain understands your plan and it will be much easier to concentrate on work.”

You can just sit alone or meditate if you can. The most important part is to understand what you will do this day.

6) Read a book OR listen to an audiobook 🎧

Reading with morning coffe

Now your brain is ready to work. Give him the first task – read a book. Read Or listen to books as much as you can. Even 10 pages Or one episode of audiobook will be very good.

“Read the books which you are interested in. It could be anything. Design, science, novel, or anything else.”

I don’t like to read books, I feel boring that’s why I listen to audiobooks or Programming podcasts. I like these two channels most πŸ“»

For programmimg podcast = Syntax FM
For Business books and Entrepreneur = Kuku FM

Conclusion 😍

These are 6 tips and tricks which I use to make my day more productive. You can try to change the steps if this algorithm doesn’t fit you. It’s okay if you will start with a book or with a running session. Most of the entrepreneurs are already follow these steps (Tips) like Akshay Kumar and Robin Sharma.

It’s also very important to do it every day. You should make a habit of max efficiency. So your mind can feel confident every moment.

These apps can help you to start your Morning Rituals
1. Tappsk
2. Fabulous
3. Productive
4. Kuku FM
5. Syntax FM

Share this article with your friend and colics so they also can start there day with more productiveness and comment to me your suggestions, I 😘 love to hear from you.

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